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Guidance and Support Soul ties (soul mates, twin flames, etc.)

Guidance and Support Soul ties (soul mates, twin flames, etc.)

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A “Soul Ties” Guidance is support allowing you to highlight a soul bond that you share in this life, with a particular person. This could be a relationship of soul mates, twin flames, twin souls or any other soul connection.

The aim of this support is to help you understand the nature of this bond, why you are experiencing this and what needs to be worked on so that you experience a more fulfilling relationship with the other but also and above all, with yourself. -even !

Whether you are in a relationship or separated, this support is there to help you progress through this learning process, with more serenity and understanding.

Kindness and confidentiality are my watchwords regarding our exchanges.

The session takes place by video or by telephone.

Duration: approximately 1h15

Once your order has been placed, I will send you an email within 24 hours so that we can discuss the progress of the session as well as to make an appointment.
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