Who is The Girl Scout?

The scout, it's me, Amandine!

Since my earliest childhood, the world of the invisible has fascinated me. At 9 years old, I was already convinced that there was "something else", an impalpable universe with which it was possible to communicate and that human beings were endowed with "super powers"...

Curiosity pushed me to research and experiment with the subject at a very young age.

Over time, encounters and life experiences, my vision of the world and of spirituality has broadened. I began to understand that our earthly life was only part of the puzzle and that a whole world existed outside (and with) ours. It was crazy just thinking about it!

It was in 2013 that I got my first oracle, following a painful event. I needed to be guided and this support brought me the comfort I needed.

A few years later, the connection with the oracles and the guides was strengthened and I started to make prints for my close entourage.

Curious to learn more about the faculties that a human can develop, I also learned about automatic writing in order to communicate with souls who have a message to transmit. It was very disturbing and magical at the same time. I finally knew that it was possible to get in touch with this other world.

And then, from experience to experience (and age doing) , at the beginning of 2022, I decided to assume who I was and what I knew how to do, by opening a Facebook page in the name of The scout. I publish daily guidance and offer private consultations to help and enlighten people in their journey and difficult situations. These exchanges are of an extraordinary authenticity and benevolence, I thank the Universe every day for being able to experience them!

My career

I studied arts and crafts because my childhood dream was to become a stylist. In 2005, it came true because I started creating made-to-measure clothing. In 2008, it was the end of the adventure, without regrets, because the experience of setting up a company from scratch helped me to create the concept store.

Besides that, I worked for about twelve years in the trade sector. A humanly rewarding journey, in which listening and empathy were given pride of place.

Why an esoteric concept-store?

The idea started from the observation that most esoteric shops often offer the same products and moreover, imported from China while France is full of know-how.

Being a follower of these shops and having an artistic soul, I had the feeling of having quickly made the rounds; it lacked that little thing that would make the difference and awaken my senses. Something that would be more in line with the times...

So I decided to gather my ideas based on my different experiences: craftsmanship, creativity, spirituality, guidance and the importance of listening to others.

The idea of creating a unique esoteric universe, in which French craftsmanship would be given pride of place, has become obvious.

A universe that is yours and that of the creators at the same time...

A place where your soul finds everything it needs to flourish...

The concept-store of L'Eclaireuse was born!

Our values

L'éclaireuse souhaite contribuer à l'existence des métiers de l'artisanat et s'engage à vous proposer des articles fait mains.

Valuing craftsmanship

Far from industrial mass production, craftsmanship is an unequaled art, which combines know-how, passion and quality. The scout is committed to highlighting these trades, by selecting only handmade items.

Support independent brands

Because small businesses need our attention to grow, L'Eclaireuse is committed to offering you products from independent and emerging brands. Small nuggets that you will not find among the giants of mass distribution and e-commerce.

Les emballages utilisés par L'éclaireuse ainsi que ses transporteurs partenaires, s'inscrivent tous dans une démarche éco-responsable afin de limiter l'empreinte carbone et préserver l'environnement.

To preserve the environment

The packaging we use, as well as our partner carriers, are all part of an eco-responsible approach in order to limit the carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

Les rapports humains manquent cruellement de bienveillance à notre époque. C'est pourquoi L'éclaireuse met tout en œuvre pour transmettre ces énergies d'amour, à travers ses consultations et ses différents échanges.

Cultivate kindness

Human relations are sorely lacking in benevolence in our time. This is why L'Eclaireuse strives to cultivate this energy of Love, through her consultations and her various exchanges.