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Baguettes Sensitives

"Authentic" angled dowsing sticks, in beech wood, cork and brass.

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"Authentic" angled dowsing sticks, in beech wood, cork and brass.

Their mottled chocolate-coloured cork covering gives these chopsticks a natural and elegant style.

The fineness of detection of the "Authentic" chopsticks make it a tool of character, precise and reliable. They will be your best ally to detect subtle resonances in the fields of dowsing, geobiology, sourcery, etc.

  • Searches for water sources and water veins (location, flow, depth)
  • Study in geobiology
  • Harmonization of habitat
  • Network search (Hartmann, curry, electromagnetic, etc.)
  • Waves, study of sacred places
  • Personal Care with Bent Wands
  • Alternative therapy
  • etc

Each pair is assembled and adjusted by Guillaume, in his workshop in Moselle.


  • Rod length: 27 cm
  • Stem diameter: 3 mm
  • Handle height: 11 cm
  • Diameter of the handle: 2.2 cm
  • Weight: 123g
  • Natural cork covering on a PEFC-certified Jura beech handle.
  • Brass rod Ø 3 mm adjusted with precision.
  • Balanced aspect ratio for a precise and comfortable fit.