Guidance intemporelle ~ Message d'un être cher disparu~ Tirage à 3 choix

Timeless guidance ~ Message from a departed loved one ~ 3 choice draw

Although All Souls' Day is tomorrow, many of us commemorate them today. On this All Saints' Day, I am offering you a 3-choice draw to receive a message from a loved one who has passed away.

I would like to point out that the messages are not channeled, so there will be no particular first names or personal situations. It would be too complicated for me since there are so many of you. To do this, I used an Oracle designed for this practice. It is effective enough so that you can receive information that will help you in your development and well-being.

For this draw, I offer you 3 choices:

  1. The pastel pink Virgin

  2. Pastel green Virgo

  3. The Virgin plum glitter


Empty yourself and choose one of the 3 Virgos instinctively without consulting your mind. Your intuition can direct you towards a Virgo which is not usually your favorite color, don't take it into account, it's because your mind doesn't interfere and that's perfect!

Once you have made your choice, refer to the corresponding Virgin below and let yourself be carried away by her message.

If the message is intended for you, it will be clear, it will resonate within you and you will know who it comes from intuitively.

On the other hand, if it doesn't make sense and you have to make an effort to understand, then the message is not intended for you. In this case, you can choose another Virgo or it simply means that another message will present itself to you in another guidance or in another form and that's perfect too!

1. The pastel pink Virgo


“I was in the mirror effect for a long time.

I have often blamed others for things that I blamed myself.

I was able to criticize or judge external things even though they were for me.

Today, I am aware of it.

Even towards you, I could sometimes be in a negative energy.

I know it's about me now and not about others.

And that is very liberating.

Today, I invite you to become aware of this mirror effect.

The more honest you are with yourself, the more you will be able to feel my presence.

The more sincere you are with yourself, the more you will see and understand the signs I am sending you.

The more you look at yourself as you are, the more you will be able to see your external life in a new way.

I am by your side but you are becoming aware of a lot of things.

You are in an inner transformation."

2. Pastel green Virgo


“You think you’re talking to me but it’s not me.

It is with your soul that you communicate.

Right now you need to communicate with myself.

You expect too much from the outside.

You lack self-confidence.

It's not to punish you that I don't communicate with you.

It's just that right now, you don't need it.

So I stay silent and let you communicate with yourself.

You need to find yourself.

You need to know yourself again.

You have evolved a lot recently but you don't necessarily realize it so you seek support and external support.

However, you have a lot of answers inside of you.

So listen to yourself.

And understand the messages you hear as an inner conversation.

You are talking with a wonderful and splendid person: YOU.

And that's what you need.

When the time is right, we will be able to talk together."

3. The Virgin plum glitter


“Communication has not necessarily been my greatest quality.

I could be in a certain awkwardness or silence.

I was also able to say some things that I didn't mean.

However, it is by communicating that links can be created in a positive way.

Currently, I am looking to communicate with you.

I do it with words that you can see repeated.

Always the same word.

It's me.

I need to tell you things as I hear everything you have to say to me.

Loving someone is important, but transmitting your love to them is just as important.

You may have doubted my feelings and my emotions.

But know that my love for you has been and always will be powerful.

Today, I invite you to communicate what you feel.

Say everything that is important to you.

Don't keep anything to yourself.

It's important so as not to have regrets.

Speak with kindness and, above all, take a step back when the words are too heavy.

Talk to me and above all, forgive me.

At times I feel your anger which I accept and I invite you to free yourself from it.

I hope that your message has brought you comfort and will be liberating so that you can move forward on your path with more lightness and serenity. This is what exchanges with our departed loved ones are meant for, being in Love of oneself and others!

I wish you a beautiful day and if you want to leave me a comment to share anything, you can do so below.

See you soon !

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