Message des guides pour 2024

Message from the guides for 2024

Hello friends,

at the end of the year, I felt called to send you a message from the guides for the year 2024; through channeling and maps. This one deeply touched and moved me...

If you feel like it, you can of course share it with those around you, it's a message intended for the collective and I'm sure it will arrive safely!

“Dear beautiful souls, as you can feel in different forms, your humanity has been going through a strong storm for several years now, and it will increase in intensity.

You are immersed in the night so that a metamorphosis can take place, in each of you but also at the collective level. Without shadow, light does not exist, and vice versa; it is part of the universal principle of the creation of the world.

Do you see that glimmer of hope in the eye of the hurricane? Don't let it out of your sight and above all, don't fear this change, because it lifts you above the illusions of your world to rediscover the essential: the Light, your primary identity!

The time has come for the metamorphosis and this future that you hope for so much!

You are going through a quest, an inner initiation to be reborn to yourself, in a form still unknown to your consciousness, but much more alive and peaceful.

Imagine a wider, freer world; far from pride, cunning, arrogance and greed for power. Know that there are adversaries capable of defeating these dark designs and they are waiting in the wings for their time, the right time to reverse this situation. These adversaries live in each of you; it is about unconditional love, trust and wisdom.

I hear you asking yourself this question: “How to do it? You're kidding yourself, it's lost in advance!” Well no, beautiful souls, on the contrary, it is by developing these qualities in each of you that each little drop of water will form an ocean! And you probably know the power of an ocean...?! This is what collective strength is!

Also know that thoughts of fear and resentment, when fed, attract similar situations. Instead, focus on positive and bright thoughts, because they too, when you feed them, attract identical situations. You have much greater creative power than you might think, so you might as well use it wisely!

Of course, at times you will have to overcome your own dark sides and push your limits of comfort (if this is not already happening) but keep the courage to move forward without giving up and the confidence that, despite all the obstacles, these tests will lead you towards evolution and real possibilities.

Stay tuned to your dreams because you have the strength to break the chains in which you have locked yourself for so long.

Express your opinions frankly and seize opportunities with potential, even if it may scare you at first.

Stop trying to fit into boxes and embody your own truth, your own path. Be free, in love, and above all, be alive, you are only passing through your world!

The time has come for metamorphosis, for action, nothing will be the same again, be sure! "

Peace and love to you friends,

I wish us the best for this year 2024 as well as for the next ones!


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