Guidance du 11 au 17 Décembre 2023

Guidance from December 11 to 17, 2023

Hello friends,

I hope you're doing well !

This week we meet once again in writing for the energies of the week!

Make your choice between the three options below and refer to the corresponding one below.

Have a nice week to all of you,

I’m sending you lots of beautiful energy!


Choice 1: Red Christmas bauble

Message of the week: The dance of ghosts

The ancestors have a healing message and a powerful remedy to offer you. Create a sacred moment at your altar, light a candle for them and let their wisdom permeate you. At this point in your life, you are done repeating their tragic stories. Enter into the abundance offered to you, receive the gifts of those who came before you and write a new story for your life.

If you feel trapped in a vicious cycle of nostalgia, mourning lost youth or missed opportunities, it's time to let these thoughts take flight. Also be careful not to find yourself trapped with someone from a past life, because the people we love or hurt find a way to reappear in our lives. You have nothing more to learn from this.

General guidance

This week, we're talking to you about success, both on a personal and professional level. On a personal level, it is about healing, a balance (re)found, in connection with your roots. This may concern a pattern linked to the transgenerational (your ancestors) or to your more immediate past, which you repeated in your current life. You are told that this pattern is now made aware and healed, you will be able to move on to another chapter of your life, more aligned with yourself. It’s a great liberation!

On a professional level, we also talk to you about victory and success. There is progress and a lot of motivation regarding a project that you were able to set up some time ago and in relation to which you encountered unforeseen events and some obstacles. You are told that this is or was temporary and that a new impetus can emerge thanks to external help and support. You are heading towards success and a feeling of personal satisfaction regarding the unblocking of your situation.

Sentimental guidance

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In terms of your love life, we are talking to you about a person for whom you feel a lot of attraction, something magnetic with a very strong connection. However, there is a notion of jealousy and possessiveness...perhaps, despite the fact that you are very attracted to this person, you feel distrust, a fear of being betrayed. You are told to find emotional balance and harmony within yourself in order to get out of these fears. To be more open to others and to listen to everyone's needs. Improvement is possible, provided you are ready to make compromises, whether on one side or the other.

In the second drawing, you are told that at the moment, you are in your mind and therefore, you are preparing for the worst when that is not the case. Stay confident, things won't turn out the way you fear. The person you are thinking of is not yet ready, they have things to sort out with themselves. There is a notion of patience. and not to rush events.

Finally, with the free will card, you are told that, despite the circumstances and this strong connection, you are master of your destiny and your choices, that is to say that if this situation does not suit you or no longer , you have every possibility of taking a new path and experiencing another relationship! You will know how to make the right decision by listening to yourself!

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Choice 2: Green Christmas bauble

Message of the week: Soul recovery

This card tells you that you are no longer one with Creation. You've healed the cause of the pain you were feeling, so you don't need to think about it anymore. If you're stuck on an old injury, try to think of something else. Don't get distracted by the little details you've already mastered. Think big and prepare your return to the Garden of Eden.

When have you compromised your deepest beliefs to be loved or accepted by someone? Think back over your life and find the moment(s) when this happened. Commit to never compromising your integrity again. What have you accepted in the name of love when you know you shouldn't have? Commit to yourself to set things right now, for your greatest good!

General guidance

For this week, the cards have messages to deliver to you about your love life. We can see that you went through a period of loss, even annihilation, which plunged you into a kind of darkness. For some, it can be a dark night of the soul. Questions and mental confusion must certainly have accompanied this delicate passage... You are told that there will be an evolution or the birth of a relationship, filled with love, passion and tenderness.

With the following cards, we may feel a certain weariness and boredom with this situation... Currently, it is better for you to focus on the present moment and the path, rather than the destination. Next, we tell you about positive news that will arrive through correspondence and even a statement. In any case, you will learn something that will please you. You are told that your patience and your “efforts” will be rewarded and that something will come to fruition. The other person will love you for who you are and recognize your qualities. There is a kind of admiration coming from this person.

Sentimental guidance

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In addition to the previous drawing, this week you could have a tendency towards nostalgia regarding a past relationship and we see that you have difficulty looking towards the future. With the union card, you are told of an upcoming meeting, which will allow you to create an opening and move forward in your love life. Concerning this meeting, we ask you for a little patience because it is not yet the right time but once the link is established, things will accelerate and progress will be rapid. We are talking to you about commitment and formalization, which means that it will be a serious relationship, in which you will be able to project yourself.

With the second drawing, you are told that you will enter a positive energy where you will be surprised. The Universe will bring you everything you need in your love life, nothing depends on you, you just have to be in the visualization of what you want and life will bring you that person you are waiting for!

The cards give you some little clues about this encounter; This is a blond/light-haired man or woman, who has already been married or in a civil partnership and/or has probably already made a major purchase with their former partner.

And finally, we're talking about geographic distance, so it's a person with whom there is a distance or who travels a lot. This also tells you about trips to plan in connection with your love life because it is possible that this person and/or you like to discover new horizons and travel.

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Choice 3: Cream/orange Christmas bauble

Message of the week: The seer

The clairvoyant invites you to trust your intuition and your instinct and then follow them, because they encourage you to move forward. Allow your perception of your situation to expand to include the nuances and subtle clues that you miss if you take things literally. This card offers you its magic. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. your vision is clear.

The psychic challenges you to come out of denial and start telling yourself the truth about your situation. Wishful thinking will not make what you ask for come true when you refuse to see things as they are. The truth may hurt, but it will allow you to claim the generosity that is waiting for you to notice it.

This is a moment of true power. The clairvoyant offers you this remedy. When you are ready, surrender your vision to Spirit and ask to be shown the truth, at any cost. When you do, your eyes will be opened and you will receive a powerful gift.

General guidance

For this week, we're talking to you about a choice to make regarding a direction to take. We can see that this will require you to take some time to think carefully about the different possibilities and this could create indecision in you. A sudden end, an unpredictable event will certainly be at the origin of this choice. This may concern the professional field or an administrative situation. In any case, there is a notion of money, heritage and for some, inheritance.

It is possible that people feel rivalry with you and try to put obstacles in your way, you are told to be on your guard regarding possible jealousies.

Following this time of reflection and this decision, stability and a feeling of serenity will take hold over time. For some, we talk about income or a legacy.

Sentimental guidance

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For this week, on the heart side, we are talking to you about a period of acceptance regarding a situation; you might even want to “throw in the towel” and move on. There is still a feeling of loyalty to a person, that is to say, difficulties in meeting new people. You are told to accept events as they occur because it is part of your destiny and higher forces are working behind the scenes regarding this situation. We can see that on the other person's side, there is a blockage related to the family, children, parents, etc. which prevents them from moving towards you.

In the second drawing, this blockage is confirmed and you are told that one or other people are disrupting your connection and that this must be resolved in order to regain your freedom and for things to progress. It's not necessarily your family but that of your "soul mate"... Listen to your intuition, you will certainly be able to recognize the sincerity of the people around you.

The cards tell you that events will soon accelerate and that you will get out of your current routine, waiting and stagnation.

Finally, it could be a person you met at your workplace, directly or indirectly. In any case, there is a very strong connection between you and this has greatly disturbed you.

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