Énergies du 04 au 10 décembre 2023

Energies from December 4 to 10, 2023

Hello friends,

I hope you're doing well !

This week I wanted to write so we'll meet here for the energies of the week!

As usual, choose between the three options below and refer to the color you have chosen below.

Have a nice week to all of you,

I kiss you !


Choice 1: Green pot

Message of the week: Snow

This card is an invitation to take things gently. You don't need to master everything immediately and there's no reason to rush either. Let things happen slowly over time. Acting forcefully causes mistakes and you risk causing even more obstacles, heartache and upheaval by running around, left and right. The snow reminds you that force destroys more than it creates. Move slowly and have confidence: all will be revealed in due time.

General guidance

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For this week, you are told that you are reaching the end of a cycle and that you need to move on. A new professional path, new projects will present themselves to you and this will be the promise of an unexpected transformation and a considerable improvement in your financial sphere.

The cards also tell you about a signed contract/agreement for which you are told to think carefully before deciding anything. Indeed, it is very possible that you are on the wrong track by taking this path because complications and hidden elements could lead to your downfall. You are therefore advised to avoid taking unnecessary risks as much as possible, to study the different proposals or offers carefully, the right path will present itself when needed, do not jump at the first opportunity!

Sentimental guidance

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On the heart side, we are talking to you about a period of solitude, isolation, even despair...

Perhaps you are suspicious or feel jealous towards a person or a situation? Or just love?

You are told that you will free yourself from these resentments because reconciliation is on the horizon. There is a notion of projects, of a lasting couple, of generosity accompanied by a beautiful understanding and complementarity.

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Choice 2: Pink pot

Message of the week: Bear medicine

It is in solitude that you will find advice, understanding and reassurance. Once you take the time to recharge your batteries, you will start to see things from a different perspective. Your problem may present itself in an entirely new light after a period of introspection (meditation, etc.)

General guidance

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For this week, we're talking to you about a period in which you may have felt in a state of loss and plunged into darkness. A dark night of the soul in a way. This period was necessary and perfectly guided by the Universe so that you could complete an inner journey and heal certain wounds. This allowed you to close the page on a cycle of your life.

This end will lead to the start of a new cycle with new developments and much more optimism. Besides, we're telling you about a beneficial and truly unexpected twist of fate. Help will be provided to you in order to take a step forward and get around any obstacles. This could be a partnership or any other rapprochement. An unexpected reward or improvement in your situation is fast approaching!

Sentimental guidance

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On the heart side, we are talking to you about a separation experienced recently or for a longer period of time. We can see that one of the two partners (or both) feels nostalgia and regret about this former union.

Currently, there is a period of patience, reflection and waiting and this allows you to free yourself from certain patterns. You are told that there will be a transformation in your situation and that a return of your loved one is possible.

For some people who currently have no one in their hearts, this may be a new encounter and this waiting period is beneficial in order to cleanse and heal repetitive patterns.

Whatever your situation, this reconciliation or this new meeting will be harmonious and will allow you to realize the construction of projects together.

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Choice 3: Purple pot

Message of the week: Chills

You may be heading into a situation that is still avoidable. You ignored the warnings and the clues. You may have a scary feeling that something is wrong, but due to a lack of evidence, your ego tries to convince you that you are wrong. Don’t dismiss these impressions out of hand. There's still time to shelter from the cold before you find yourself trapped in the middle of the night by the snow.

General guidance

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For this week, the cards speak to us about love.

The message begins with a forgiveness to be made in oneself and for the other. It also heralds the end of disagreements and quarrels. This forgiveness will allow us to clean up and bring about healing in the situation in order to find balance. We're talking to you about the end of difficulties facing a feeling of loneliness and passivity.

You will therefore have to find compromises so that everything goes well and we talk to you about success and love which will emerge victorious. It is a powerful bond, a union of all planes (physical and spiritual), with passionate love and magnetic attraction. This change will take place for the better and you will experience a happy and peaceful period!

Sentimental guidance

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In addition to the previous drawing, we are given the clarification that there is a breakup and a distance with this person, perhaps due to the consequences of having precipitated your first relationship concerning the construction of a family or the establishment common life. This had an unconscious impact on the construction of your relationship.

We are currently talking to you about an intact romantic feeling and reciprocal fidelity. The cards tell you to remain hopeful in your situation and that new projects can see the light of day.

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