Énergies de la semaine du 30 Octobre au 05 Novembre 2023

Energies of the week from October 30 to November 5, 2023

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As you may have noticed, last week I didn't make a YouTube video on energies because I needed to take a little break. For this week, I'm starting again but in a written way, this allows me to restart gently, in writing we go at our own pace. I hope this format suits you this time and I promise, the videos will be back soon!

I'll let you choose between the 3 bracelets below and refer to the corresponding number to discover your guidance for the week.
Good reading !


Your message of the week

You are invited to accept the fluctuations of life because you are entering a period of potential struggle. Rely on the Universe and give in to what is greater than you. You probably feel that the more you try to control your life, the more you lose control. The time has come to be patient and let go of your expectations about the future. As soon as you relinquish control of your ego to a higher power, the fear of losing control will diminish. Your mind will no longer have to fix everything and everyone. From then on, the struggle to maintain control will weaken. Trust in your ability to emerge from this state of fear and confusion to gain knowledge, grace and compassion. There is a time to resist, a time to defend, and another to capitulate.

General energies

Here, we are talking to you about a situation that is blocked or is evolving very slowly. It can be related to a masculine (or feminine, you adapt) energy with which there is an important link. We can see that there has been a departure, a physical and/or emotional distance. The past card highlights your tendency to remain anchored in the past, to express yourself in melancholy and regrets. You are told to look ahead to move forward, opportunities and future constructions will reveal themselves to you and they are part of your destiny.

In the second drawing, you are told that something fulfilling will transform your feelings of loss, probably around the spring period. We are still talking to you about a masculine (or feminine, you adapt) energy with which there will be an understanding and an agreement/a commitment.

On the sentimental level (Oracle “Amour is love” available here )

In the sentimental domain (which can complete the general drawing if you have recognized yourself), you are told that you are probably facing trials and that you are going through a period of vulnerability in which you have the impression of not having control over the situation. There is also a notion of accepting the situation as it is and persevering in the personal work that you are undertaking. This introspection will allow you to free yourself from a functioning pattern linked to emotional dependence. For some, there might be a feeling of having been betrayed or deceived. You are also told about a form of hypocrisy or an undisclosed truth, from those around you or the person concerned. Finally, we tell you that communications/discussions will happen, which will allow you to regain self-confidence and strengthen emotional bonds.


Your message of the week

“Your task is not to seek love, but simply to seek and find all the obstacles you have built against it.”

You may be going through a period of loneliness and disconnection from those around you. Sometimes it's good to spend time alone, but be careful not to become lonely. To truly connect with yourself and your world, live from your heart. Love is a universal language that transcends origins, religion, politics and gender. Unite yourself with love. If you feel an attachment to someone, it may simply be a karmic connection from a past life. It's time to build relationships and connect to your emotions, people, nature, fauna, flora and unexpected opportunities. More than anything, get in touch through listening, it's a very powerful way to create connections.

General energies

In the 1st drawing, we talk to you about a desire to abandon a situation that keeps you sacrificing yourself. You are suggested to listen to yourself, to see if you are a collateral victim of the consequences of others and for the moment, to free yourself from the causes that you consider lost. You may have demonstrated endurance for a while and have been told that you have the ability to overcome the obstacles that come your way. Things will soon become clearer and more balanced, there is hope even in the worst circumstances. You will enter a phase of metamorphosis and rebirth, victory, success and milestones reached are at the end of the road!

In the second draw, it may be administrative procedures that you are undertaking and which are causing you concern. We tell you that it will be a success and that things will come to fruition. For some, it may concern a health condition that concerns you (or that concerns a woman around you) but you are told that it will clearly improve.

On the sentimental level (Oracle “Amour is love” available here )

In the emotional domain, you may be facing trials or difficulties and you are being told that the best thing for the moment is to accept the situation as it is. “Take advantage” of this period to introspect and work on your possible relational and personal patterns. Subsequently, your situation will improve since we talk to you about opportunities and evolution which are part of your destiny. The universe is working behind the scenes. It could be the return of an ex partner (if you want to of course!) or revisiting a past relationship. This relationship will be passionate, deep and filled with love.


Your message of the week

We invite you to follow the movement. If you swim against the tide, this struggle will get you nowhere and will only exhaust you and discourage you. If there is something in your life that you cannot control, accept it. If you don't get the results you expected, accept it. Know that you can overcome any challenge if you go with the flow. Look at the fluctuations of the ocean and the way the waves move effortlessly. A stone stirred and carried by the waters will eventually be polished. Be like the stone, you will discover a softer and more caring version of yourself. Also be aware of the disagreements around you, but don't get involved in them. Choose to stay in the flow.

General energies

In the 1st drawing, we can see that you are in a certain instability, a duality concerning a departure, whether it is a desire on your part or an unexpected departure. You are also told that you have all the abilities to overcome the obstacles presented to you and that you are protected by a guide, a guardian angel, etc. during this phase. Things will improve since we tell you that there will be a movement and a progression that will take place. If your situation concerns the sentimental domain, the card of The meeting announces to you that destiny is at work concerning reunions, the past which comes back to life. It can also be about encounters that will play an important role in your life. The beings who are destined to meet are soon ready to meet again!

In the second drawing, we talk to you about feelings or a situation that really matters to you. There will be a transformation, time will take its course and evolution will take place at its own pace. You are told that something will sprout, for some during the spring period, and that harmony and abundance will reign in your life!

On the sentimental level (Oracle “Amour is love” available here )

On the heart side, you may be going through a period of fragility following a separation or a romantic disappointment. Memories of the past come to the surface and you have difficulty looking to the future or projecting yourself into a new relationship. We can speak of a phase of melancholy and regrets. The person of your heart is probably in the same state of mind as you since a reconciliation is announced (for some, don't forget that this is general guidance). A pardon will bode well for resolving old conflicts and getting back on a good footing. You are told that balance and harmony are possible in this situation. The meeting card tells you that a reunion or rapprochement (initially) is near and that this will happen through seduction, or even during an outing.

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