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Nolista Création

Pendulum in oak and sodalite.

Pendulum in oak and sodalite.

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Pendulum made of oak wood and natural sodalite stones, mounted on a silver-colored stainless steel chain.

The oak has always symbolized power and strength. Deeply rooted, providing extremely solid wood and resisting bad weather, oak stands the test of time and invites us to benefit from its fiery energy.

Sodalite, for its part, has an anti-stress effect that guides you towards a calm state of mind when you feel nervous, worried or tense.

A perfect combination for your dowsing sessions!

Wood from the Cévennes forest , harvested with respect for nature.

Pendulum delivered in its black velvet pouch.

Unique piece

Each pendulum is unique and cannot be reproduced identically.


  • Height: 3.5cm
  • Width: 3cm
  • Diameter: 9cm at the strongest point.
  • Weight: 14g
  • Chain length: 25 cm

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