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Emilie Bouvet

My little Witchy Oracle (Personal development)

My little Witchy Oracle (Personal development)

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My little Oracle Witchy is a personal development game, easy to use, whether you are a beginner or familiar with cartomancy. Its cards can be read in both directions and are designed to deliver clear and relevant messages to you, in order to reveal yourself to yourself and help you move forward.

“May this magical Oracle guide you & light your path to you-love me!” Emilie Bouvet

It is made up of 52 cards:

  • 45 Oracle cards
  • 3 cards with drawing models
  • 1 bonus card to personalize
  • 2 presentation
  • 1 thank you

Each illustration delivers a different message depending on its reading direction, with a Mantra, a question to ask and 3 key words.

You can interpret the card by choosing one of these ways or by combining all three.

There is no booklet, all the information is already on the card. This leaves more room for listening to our intuition!

Small series

My little Witchy Oracle is written, illustrated and edited by Emilie Bouvet.

This Oracle is entirely created and printed in France, in small series.

It is not sold in large retailers or on major e-commerce platforms.


  • 45 cards with 2 different messages depending on the orientation of the card, the equivalent of 90 cards
  • Card size: 6.5 cm x 10 cm
  • Publication languages: French
  • Delivered in its metal box and purple starry pouch

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