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Manon Hekic

The MOJA Oracle, Guardians of ancestral wisdom (Personal development)

The MOJA Oracle, Guardians of ancestral wisdom (Personal development)

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The Moja Oracle is a guide inspired by exceptional goddesses and women, in channeling.

Through their stories and messages, receive teachings from the Sacred Feminine.

44 cards and a booklet with Messages and texts Mantras will be your daily companions or for special occasions.

Since the dawn of time, Women have been guardians of ancestral traditions and legends, hear their voice and discover the enchantment of the Feminine and its secrets.

“Weaving our lives with gold in the unconditional love of our own incarnations, such is our life mission!”

For further:

A tool, a light source emanating so many stories to translate as well as to experience... to use daily, as for rites, sacred breaks, information.

What is it made of?

The divinatory oracle consists of:

  • 44 feminine essence cards (priestesses, witches, nomads, deities, women... wild, sacred, free and much more!)
  • A 196-page booklet including stories, messages and mantras channeled from each Woman present in the game.
  • All in a cardboard box.

It's time to open the doors of the sacred and (re)connect with the active soul that operates every day... all around us!

Small series

The Oracle and the explanatory booklet are written and edited by Manon Hekic and illustrated by Marine Le Bourch.

The Oracle of Moja is entirely created and printed in France, in small series.

It is not sold in large retailers or on major e-commerce platforms.


  • 44 cards + booklet
  • Card size: 12.5 x 8cm
  • Publication languages: French

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