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Éditions Lundi 13

The Astral Oracle (All domains)

The Astral Oracle (All domains)

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The Astral oracle is a divinatory tool allowing you to clarify certain questions and reconnect with your intuition in order to develop personally and spiritually.

This oracle aims to leave the necessary space for your intuition to express itself and not to block everyone's personal interpretation.

You will find key words in the booklet, carefully chosen, to guide you during your drawings.

Small series

The Oracle and the explanatory booklet are written, illustrated and published by Les éditions Lundi 13.

The Astral Oracle is entirely created and printed in France, in small series.

It is not sold in large retailers or on major e-commerce platforms.


  • 42 cards + explanatory booklet with easy-to-reproduce drawing ideas
  • Card size: 11cm in diameter
  • Publication languages: French
  • Publication date: December 2021

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