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Novena candle "I am protection" ~to protect yourself from negative energies~

Novena candle "I am protection" ~to protect yourself from negative energies~

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In the collection of novena candles from L'Éclaireuse, find here the novena of intention "I am protection".

This blue novena represents peace, serenity and protection. It is effective against spells, protects against bad influences and is used in rituals where trust, loyalty and sincerity are essential.

By setting the intention to be protected, this novena will help you to be safe and form a shield against negative energies.

Can be a very good complement to the novena “I am mediumship” .

What is a novena for and how to use it?

A novena allows you to obtain a grace or a wish following a series of prayers or intentions set. On this occasion, we burn a candle at home to support the request in a material way.

Traditionally, prayers or intentions are recited for 9 days in a row (hence the name novena) starting on Saturday morning and ending on Sunday morning of the following week. Since the important thing is the intention and the energy you put into it when lighting this candle, you can light it and let it burn as you wish, either for 9 days or at the times that seem most convenient to you. appropriate. The intention is and will remain!

How to set your intentions?

A card with intentions related to this novena is provided with it. You can also create your own intentions, always using positively worded sentences because the Universe does not understand negation. Example: "I am safe and perfectly protected" rather than "I don't want negativity to reach me."

Once you have set your intentions, all you have to do is light your candle and recite them, putting positive energy into it and visualizing that your wishes are manifesting, it's very simple!

Each novena is made by The Scout and is charged with positive energies before sending.


  • 100% vegetable natural wax
  • Neutral odor


  • Capacity: 500g
  • Burning time: approximately 216 hours (9 days)
  • Height: 18cm
  • Diameter: 6cm
  • Intentions card provided with the candle

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