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Protective amulet "Knowledge of the ancestors"

Protective amulet "Knowledge of the ancestors"

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Protective amulet "Knowledge of the ancestors"

Amulets have been used since the dawn of time and in many civilizations. Made according to certain rules and ancestral knowledge, they have the virtue of protecting those who wear them.

The “Knowledge of the Ancestors” amulet will be your ally to protect you from any harmful external influence and energetic vampirism (low energies).

You can slip it into your pocket or bag to accompany you on a daily basis or at specific times, such as:

  • busy places (public transport, supermarkets, etc.),
  • places where you don't feel comfortable, without being able to explain it,
  • any places where energies may be low (certain places steeped in history, hospitals, etc.).

100% natural composition

Manufacturing ritual carried out consciously, respecting magical practices


  • Raw black tourmaline stone
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • White sage
  • Hyssop
  • Benzoin

Use and advice

  • To carry on you or close to you
  • The amulet contains specific energies, in order to preserve their effectiveness, it is strongly recommended not to open the pouch and handle the ingredients.
  • As long as the amulet emits an odor, the plants inside are active. When the smell fades, rub the sachet between your hands to reactivate them.
  • You can renew the amulet when you feel the need.


  • Blue velvet pouch with drawstrings (the actual color is close to the presentation photo)
  • Protective eye of your choice
  • Inner pouch (containing the ingredients) in organza
  • Dimensions: H: 8cm, L: 7cm
  • Weight: 27g

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Customer Reviews

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LISA D. (Viarmes, FR)

J'ai acheté l'amulette des ancêtres qu'Amandine fabrique elle-même. Elle sent merveilleusement bon ! Je la mets dans mon sac et lui et moi sommes bien protégés. Je vous recommande cet article !

Bonjour Lisa !
Merci beaucoup pour votre avis positif, je suis ravie que vous appréciez l'odeur de l'amulette et que vous vous sentez protégée en la portant. Je vous souhaite qu'elle vous apporte la tranquillité d'esprit que vous recherchez, et ce, le plus longtemps possible.
Merci encore pour votre soutien et votre recommandation !