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L'arbre Païen

300+ year old chestnut wood futhark runes

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Set of 24 old futhark runes for divination and magic.

These runes are made entirely by hand, in Périgord chestnut branches over 300 years old.

It was already 100 years since the French Revolution (1789)...

Crafted from scraps picked up from one of its huge branches.

This set of runes is charged with energies, witness to history, with its secrets and legends.

Authentic, natural and pure!

This branch comes directly from the forests of Poitou, collected with respect for our great Mother Goddess.

Each rune that L'arbre Païen makes is unique and made with passion for the forest and the spirituality of the Pagan ancestors.

The Pagan tree makes its runes entirely by hand, in the respect and tradition of the Nordic Pagan ancestors. (Chanting and meditation on each rune during engraving)

100% Nature and natural, linseed oil and beeswax finishes.

Unique piece

Each of the rune sets in The Pagan Tree is unique in shape and wood. There will not be two identical models!


  • Size: +/- 3.5cm x 2.5cm
  • Weight: 55g

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