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The Oracle of Feminine Archetypes

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With the Oracle of Female Archetypes, you will discover how the many facets of a woman's life can be exciting and inspiring. And how beautiful and good it is to be a woman.

For that you will just have to draw a card every day, or at certain fragile periods, or not, of your life, to discover new forces and wonders that remain deep inside you.

This oracle is the result of much research, the discovery of women who have seduced the heart and soul of Eïwa with their stories. An archetype is a set of characters that have become emblematic of a figure, and which serve to inspire or warn us. To find balance within oneself, one must first traverse the amplitude of the facets of the human soul. You have to have known hatred to know love, you have to have had trouble to find joy, just as tears lead to smiles, ignorance attracts wisdom, loneliness brings the pleasure of being surrounded, the desire for chastity and chastity desire, strength and ambition require peace and rest. Just as the Moon needs the Sun to die in order to live, and the Sun needs the Moon to flee in order to reign again.

small series

The Oracle and the explanatory booklet were illustrated , written and edited by Eïwa.

The Oracle of Female Archetypes is entirely created and printed in France, in small series.

It is not sold in supermarkets or on major e-commerce platforms.


  • 26 cards + booklet
  • Dimensions of the cards: 14.8 x 10.5 cm
  • Publication languages: French

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