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Aurélie Pierron

The Oracle of Resilience

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Through its 40 cards, the Oracle of Resilience offers you resources and practices to demonstrate resilience.

It is accompanied by a booklet of approximately 250 pages.

It is a concrete tool that will accompany you throughout your life and help you overcome obstacles.

Energy therapist for several years, Aurélie Pierron receives, in her office, men and women who share with her their story and the resilience they have developed.

Fascinated by the resources that these people show, she shares their experiences in order to offer all those who are looking for help in a difficult situation, concrete avenues to move towards betterment.

small series

The Oracle and the explanatory booklet are written, illustrated and edited by Aurélie Pierron and her visual artist friend, Romy.

The Oracle of Resilience is entirely created and printed in France, in small series.

It is not sold in supermarkets or on major e-commerce platforms.


  • 40 cards + booklet of about 250 pages
  • Dimensions of the cards: 12 x 9.5cm
  • Publication languages: French

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