The Pagan Tree


At the heart of my workshop nestled in Poitou, I have surrounded myself for several years with an atmosphere and a mysterious universe.

Since my childhood, I have developed an immense passion for esotericism, the history of forests, mysteries, legends, the world of the invisible...

Searching for meaning and spirituality, I found a life centered on connecting with the spirit and energy of the natural world through nature, our roots, and Nordic pagan culture. A culture, which like me, embodies a deep respect for Forests and trees, considered as beings in their own right, divinities.

On this path, the runic glyphs presented themselves to me.

This alphabetical system of the ancient Germanic people used for magic and divination for millennia. Beyond their symbolic and divinatory aspect, each of them embodies an energy that can be found at the heart of the human being and of the universe. Sacred system, magical and initiatory power.

I decided to share the fruit of my explorations and my passion through my creations made in an artisanal way, by hand, in my workshop.

The pieces are shaped with wood collected by me, in the Forest, as well as with mottled wood, a way for me to preserve our forests and give them a second life.

My creations are based on a great passion for wood, Pagan cultures, energy, mysteries, the history of forests...

I only use natural products, such as linseed oil and beeswax. My creations are unique, made in the Pagan spirit, energy and respect for nature.