• Amandine

    Since I was very young, the world of the invisible has fascinated me. Over time, my mediumship developed and I realized that a world outside of ours existed. My connection with oracles and souls became obvious. Since 2022 I have been offering clairvoyance and support consultations in order to help those who wish it in their journey and difficult situations. These exchanges are of extraordinary authenticity and kindness, I thank the Universe every day for being able to experience them!

  • Lore

    Holistic therapy is a global approach to the human being which takes into account all levels of his existence. As a former social worker, my goal has always been to help the people I support to identify the root causes of their difficulties and to find solutions adapted to their situation. The goal is to help them reconnect with their essence, their intuition and their own healing power. My services include holistic coaching, spiritual guidance and personal development.

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The story of The Girl Scout...

The Boutique L’claireuse was born from the creative mind of Amandine and was created in 2022.

She wanted to create a unique esoteric universe highlighting French craftsmanship and promoting balance in a world of industrial overconsumption.
The human approach is also close to her heart, Amandine wanted to incorporate consultations in the store. This initiative aims to support those who wish to (re)find well-being in their lives and answers to their questions.

In 2023, the paths of Lore and Amandine crossed on the Mediterranean sand of the beautiful Catalan lands.

Naturally their souls connected with each other. And it was instinctively that a collaboration was born between their two beings.

Their objectives are to highlight local creators, as well as the practice of ancestral know-how through their consultations.

Our values

L'éclaireuse souhaite contribuer à l'existence des métiers de l'artisanat et s'engage à vous proposer des articles fait mains.

Valuing craftsmanship

Far from industrial mass production, craftsmanship is an unequaled art, which combines know-how, passion and quality. The scout is committed to highlighting these trades, by selecting only handmade items.

Support independent brands

Because small businesses need our attention to grow, L'Eclaireuse is committed to offering you products from independent and emerging brands. Small nuggets that you will not find among the giants of mass distribution and e-commerce.

Les emballages utilisés par L'éclaireuse ainsi que ses transporteurs partenaires, s'inscrivent tous dans une démarche éco-responsable afin de limiter l'empreinte carbone et préserver l'environnement.

To preserve the environment

The packaging we use, as well as our partner carriers, are all part of an eco-responsible approach in order to limit the carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

Les rapports humains manquent cruellement de bienveillance à notre époque. C'est pourquoi L'éclaireuse met tout en œuvre pour transmettre ces énergies d'amour, à travers ses consultations et ses différents échanges.

Cultivate kindness

Human relations are sorely lacking in benevolence in our time. This is why L'Eclaireuse strives to cultivate this energy of Love, through her consultations and her various exchanges.