Nolista Creation

Nolista bijou, Gwenaëlle Couzidakis, designer of wooden clocks and geobiologist for the concept-store of L'Eclaireuse, an esoteric online store.


First of all, I will be celebrating my 50th birthday in August, I have been married to Cédric for 22 years and I have two daughters, Nolwenn 19 years old and Callista 16 years old.

Hence the name of my company NOLISTA.

I was a cheese breeder for 15 years with my husband (goat cheese ). For various reasons (fed up, becoming vegetarians.....), we stopped in 2013 when my mom died, which allowed me to take care of my dad (blind and deaf) until until he leaves us in 2015.

At the same time, we have (still with my husband ) trained in geobiology at the French school of geobiology and I, who am a compulsive creator, was able to put myself fully into creation.

First jewelry, I experimented with cold porcelain, pearls, aluminum wire ....... and many other things. Until I specialized in wood and resin.

Then I had a wood lathe for my birthday and there, REVELATION! I made myself my first pendulum (a tool that I use in my geobiology work) and one thing leading to another, that's all I do.  I'm lucky they like them a lot!

Today it has become a real passion and as I am lucky enough to live in the middle of the Cévennes forest, I don't risk running out of raw materials !