Manon Hekic


Who am I ?

Originally from the south of France with also Croatian roots, I have always been fascinated since childhood by what touches the unspeakable, the old legends of yesteryear as well as what connects around the Sacred Union and of the couple.

Having an atypical career combining psychology, cinema (the world of sport within television as well) and various temporary jobs, I chose to deepen what has always been present in my heart, namely the Exploration of the senses through words…Feeling, observing, learning and transmitting are my leitmotifs in this incarnation that I like to develop on this path of life.

Creating an oracle came about during a postponed trip - at the perfect moment - although the desire, the idea, the dream have always existed for a (more) distant future!

Today I use this companion for my care, intuitive journeys, guidance and soon for my retreats.

I like not to give myself labels, I am constantly learning in these times and places, for the rest, everything is in motion in the accuracy of what is.


The Oracle:

Moja, Keepers of Ancient Wisdom which reads Mo[y]a, awakening and waking up those who are ready to lend themselves to Je(u).

Throughout the pages, maps, energies that gravitate around as well as inside him; there is the Universe of masculine and feminine polarities which come together for a perfect alchemical marriage…

The journey is made consciously as well as unconsciously during a singular and timeless experience through the words, messages, mantras and energies that emanate from it...