The herbal teas of yesteryear

The herbal teas of yesteryear for the concept store of L'Eclaireuse, an esoteric and well-being online store.


Passionate about nature since childhood, it was only natural that I headed to agricultural studies as a teenager. Diploma in hand, this link to the land pushes me to create my vegetable farm.

With a go-getter temperament combined with a deep fear of failure, I push, the first two years of my installation, my body and my mind to the test.

At this very moment in my life, I am in great emotional distress.
I decide to go see an energy specialist for my well-being.
I describe this meeting as a release, as if I had finally joined my life path. This awareness propels me into full spiritual awakening.

It was then that everything became clear, that I became aware of the importance of the "body & soul" balance.

I realize that everyone has their own truth and that plants are there to help us on our healing journey.
Today, I try to learn from each experience and I pursue this desire to create, having at heart to bring light to your path of healing.

☆ Plant alchemy ☆

The company Les tisanes d'antan was born in July 2019, in Brittany, near the pretty town of Saint-Malo.

I cultivate around forty medicinal plants, on an area of 4,500 m2 in organic farming.

All the plants come from my own crops or from wild Breton pickings.

I work in accordance with the lunar calendar, which for me is an important value to preserve the body of the plant (its active principles), its soul (its energetic qualities) and its spirit (its quintessence).

I bring meticulous care, attentive, and a lot of love to my plants.