Sensitive Wands


The Subtle World has plenty of things to tell you, about you as well as about your surroundings… Do we just take the time to listen to it? Do we even know how to hear it? what does it have to teach us? and finally, what value do we give to our feelings?

It is from this intention that the Sensitive Wands project was born, bent Wands for dowsing (also called "dowsing rods"), elegant, creative and sensitive, handcrafted in an artisanal way with noble materials in an approach ethical and eco-responsible.

With them, (re)connect to your natural Sensitivity and let them reveal to you all the mysteries of our fabulous interaction with the Living...

The models of Sensitive Wands offered on the L'Eclaireuse concept store are unique and exclusive creations, available only on the L'Eclaireuse store .

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