The voice of the mancies


I am Adrian, fortune teller based in Vichy. My passion for cartomancy has always been at the heart of my life. This fascination led me to create two unique oracles, each holding their own secrets. My exploration of the mysteries of the cards is also captured in my book: "The Oracle of Adrian and its secrets".

Cartomancy is much more than a practice, it is a form of creative expression that deeply inspires me. My art is based on the dance of symbols and intuition, which allows me to offer answers and insights.

Additionally, I created a Facebook group dedicated to learning and practicing cartomancy, particularly highlighting "Adrian's Oracle" and "Amour is Love". You can join us and share your passion here: Facebook group link .

To learn more about my work and follow my daily inspirations, I invite you to visit my Instagram profile @adrian_lvdm ( adrian_lvdm/ ). There we will dive together into the mysterious world of cartomancy.