Elise Gallery

Elise Galerie for the concept store of L'Eclaireuse, an esoteric and well-being online store.


Do you want to know me a little more?

My parents gave me the first name of Elise, I was born on June 20, 1981 and I spent my childhood in the south of France… where I currently live with my husband and my two children.

From an early age my curiosity and my contentment turns to cosmogony, tarology, astrology as well as art and already a whole bunch of questions are forming daily in my mind without me being able to find the answers there certainly because the era does not lend itself to this genre
of questioning and the means of learning and communication are then very different from what is done at the present time. It is only late, after many professional and personal experiences that I am guided towards spirituality.

Accompanied by different souls, I perform for more than 10 years the necessary care to heal my wounds and in turn be able to enlighten other souls with my inner light.

For the past two years, I have been training in evolutionary humanist astrology (I am still in continuing education) as well as self-taught lithotherapy.

On a private level, I am a person who likes life, I am curious, I like to laugh and I love to read… I also often need to find myself alone to daydream because that is where my inspiration comes from. and my creativity.

On the professional side, I have done jobs that had nothing to do with each other...among other things, thalassotherapist, home help, minibus driver, small casino manager, my current food job is a microelectronics operator and my hearts are painting, astrology, tarology and lithotherapy.

I'm going to tell you a bit about this passion for minerals and how I came to make Malas.

It all starts during a meditation, a skull appears before my eyes. I had no idea what that meant…a few months later and after several synchronicities, I exhibited my canvases (paintings) in a Zen salon where other exhibitors were invited, including a mineral exhibitor.

In bizarre circumstances, I find myself face to face with a crystal skull, contact with this mineral energy instantly provokes a physical reaction, I start crying for long minutes without understanding why... and I feel an inexplicable joy. It was he who allowed me to open my heart to the energy of the stones. It was by listening to my heart that I made the decision to make Malas so that the energy of the minerals accompanies its wearer daily.

For my part, minerals have the function of representing divine virtues and as Mikhael Aivanhov who is a spiritual guide would say, "making a necklace is an act full of meaning, the thread is the thought that must join together the powerful entities represented by the pearls, when with the needle it is the will which involves the thought. When you wear a necklace, be aware that you are wearing an object filled with spiritual meaning.

I offer you aesthetic and therapeutic Malas.

All the necklaces I design are loaded with love and benevolence, the stones I use come to act in resonance with your body, your heart and your mind.

You now have a sketch of what is happening in my theater of life…

With love Elise