Editions Monday 13

Editions Lundi 13, creator of the Oracle Astral, for the concept store of L'Eclaireuse, an esoteric online store.


Graphic designer by profession, I specialized in publishing for the love of words and paper. In a desire to align with myself, I wanted to mix my graphic practice with a deeper and personal dimension, around a quest for oneself, a release from one's intuition and an openness towards more authenticity and sensitivity, taking my work towards a more intimate and magical universe.

As a great fan of Oracle and Tarot, card drawer in my spare time, it was obvious to me to create an Oracle. I saw in this support, a vast canvas to explore the full extent of my creativity while offering a modern and innovative divinatory tool.

The union of my spiritual practice with my graphic technique gave birth to the Astral Oracle: a tool, both useful and aesthetic, original and accessible, magical and intuitive!

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Website: https://www.lundi13.fr