Aurilliel Divination


Art, nature and spirituality are passions in my life as well as sources of inspiration and anchor points.

Painter and fortune teller for over twenty-two years, the need and desire to create oracles came to me by listening to my own inner guidance and mixing it with my love of life and nature. The desire to share them was there from the start. I needed different media, which resembled me and which could transmit the messages I received in a clear, precise and intuitive way. There will often be a flower, a tree, a stream, or even an animal somewhere on my cards or on my paintings... Because I deeply believe that we form a whole with what surrounds us and that there are the the most telling signs, the strongest messages.

I live in the south of Landes, near the ocean and with the mountains as a horizon.

I try to put my love and liveliness into each of my creations so that they vibrate with the most beautiful energy possible, so that they are luminous, strong and soft. Aesthetics is another essential aspect for me. So that the connection is made, so that the oracle calls, for the pleasure of discovering each card... And because in clairvoyance, a message is transmitted as much through the eyes as the heart and mind!

I wish you wonderful prints!