Guidance du 18 au 24 décembre 2023

Guidance from December 18 to 24, 2023

Hello friends,

I hope you're doing well !

For this week before Christmas, I have prepared guidance for you on current energies, with more targeted and more developed messages; This is my little Christmas present!

If you would like personalized guidance, I still have a few places left for the end of December. To access the consultations page, go here.

As usual, make your choice between the three proposals below and refer to the one that attracted you, below.

Have a nice week and Merry Christmas to you all,

I’m sending you lots of love!


Choice 1

The message of your guides

Right now, we are sending you a lot of signs so that you can realize that you are capable of moving forward alone.

You have the impression that you cannot achieve important things by yourself, and yet, you have very great adaptation skills and you know how to demonstrate great perseverance.

Right now, we are sending you a lot of signs related to the number 18 . We invite you to remember what happened when you turned 18 and what happened 18 months ago. At these times, strong experiences were lived and allowed you to create within yourself very strong capacities for resilience.

You are capable of very great things but, to do this, you are currently invited to remember everything you have already done.

You have the impression that we are not there but we are definitely present.

You are invited for a few months to act for yourself and become aware of your inner strength.

We are here but we do not act, because it is up to you to build your own path and create your own positive evolution. This is the purpose of your incarnation.

General guidance

This week, we're talking to you about perseverance and endurance regarding a project that you want to implement or that is already in place, but that you aim to develop. Stay determined and dedicated. to your goal because your efforts will be rewarded!

If you wonder how your dreams could come true, keep faith in the unknown and trust the process of co-creation . This will allow you to engage more deeply in your ability to consider something new. You have already started to progress and soon, your passion will attract the perfect situation for you; you have the ability to attract what you need.

We also tell you that the first signs of tangible success are within reach , your dreams will be anchored in reality and all the conditions will be met to begin this new project and generate prosperity . This will ask you to come out of the shadows and let your light shine . It will be like a transformation for you, which will inspire others to find their way.

However, we advise you to think before acting and to order your action plans carefully. Sometimes it is better to listen to your reason more than your instinct in order to avoid possible misdirections.

For those who are waiting for a decision, we tell you that a negotiation will be successful!


Sentimental guidance

On the heart side, we are talking to you about a masculine energy, with a strong and protective presence . This is a person capable of committing to a solid and lasting relationship but, for whom, major romantic manifestations are not their strong point.

If this personality type speaks to you, we can see that a relationship linked to this masculine energy has been put on hold or pause , in order to reflect and meditate on the situation. Despite this distance, an irrepressible bond with each other is still felt.

The Judgment card indicates that something was wrong between you and it would be wise to implement the necessary changes . Perhaps there is something that needs to be repaired or healed before we are able to reach out to each other.

Finally, with the Wheel of Fortune and reconciliation card, you are told that a positive development could take place after a difficult period. A reconciliation will certainly be the outcome of this estrangement!

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Choice 2

The message of your guides

A part of you is in an energy of duality . This can create inner tension and can prevent you from feeling calm. You may doubt everything all the time. And it can also create a comfort zone in your outside life.

You feel like you're waiting for something important without necessarily understanding what it is.

We invite you to understand the source of this duality that has been present in you for months. We invite you to realize that there is a discordance between what you really want and what you are creating in your external life.

We invite you to contact us.

At this moment you certainly think that we are not there and since you start from this principle, you do not ask for signs or advice.

It's up to you to come to us with the method of your choice. We are waiting for your call to tell you everything you need to know.

This will guide you towards the liberation of this duality to create a new inner and outer osmosis.

General guidance

This week, the cards speak to you about your emotional sphere and your capacity for transformation. Perhaps you are feeling sadness and pain about a situation right now?

You are told that it is a passage and that it will disappear , ups and downs are part of life, it is a universal cycle. Give yourself the freedom to put an end to what no longer works for you , regardless of the area. It's important to establish healthy boundaries with certain people, establishing clear communication where necessary. Honesty with yourself and others will allow you to (re)find greater self-esteem.

We also tell you that your potential for transformation is unlimited and that you will soon enter this wonderful phase! There is no reason to be afraid because you are fully supported to dare something new and manifest it. It's time to dream big!

If it concerns your sentimental sphere, the cards tell you to believe in your power of attraction and this begins with your self-esteem. Leave aside anger, resentment or fear, because they are useless when you love yourself enough. Besides, you are told that you will soon manifest love in your life, a romantic attraction where the other will admire you for what you really are deep down and not for what you let on.

You may not see what the Universe is up to in the realm of the invisible, but I can tell you that there is a lot of activity going on "behind the scenes"! Trust the mystery and remember that the material world is only an illusion. Your current conditions do not necessarily reflect the truth of what is actually happening in the present. Great opportunities are waiting in the shadows for the right moment to manifest!

Sentimental guidance

In addition to the previous drawing, the Devil card portends an exciting romantic relationship, but beware of excesses, such as obsession, the desire to possess the other and codependency. This card can also specify that carnal attraction and sexual pleasures will be strong between you.

With the High Priestess, we tell you that deep down, you probably already know who this person is who will (re)be part of your life. Listen to yourself and trust your intuitions!

On the other hand, the High Priestess also indicates a deep relationship between two beings who understand and complement each other perfectly. You will be able to feel a very strong intuitive connection to each other.

The justice card, for its part, presages a future formalization in this relationship. This could be a marriage, a civil partnership, the purchase of a house, an official presentation of your loved one, etc. We can say that it will be serious!

However, you will both be invited not to rest on your laurels and to do what is necessary every day to strengthen your romantic bonds, because with Justice, actions always have a repercussion in the future, whether good or bad. bad !

Finally, with the other cards, we tell you that this (re)meeting will be the start of successful projects, which will take root in a shared love. Your heart will be able to feel peace and the realization of your dream.

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Choice 3

The message of your guides

Everything depends on you.

You may feel like you're in a special situation, but our role right now is not to intervene at all, whether in the form of signs or messages.

You are not in danger. You're not going to take a wrong turn or you're not going to make bad choices.

You are in a very intense free will energy and everything depends on you.

You are faced with a blank sheet of paper and it is you who decide what you are going to write.

So the advice we give you is to connect to the law of attraction. Visualize what is important to you. Act in connection with these visualizations. Focus on what makes you tick.

You are the creator. You and only you.

General guidance

This week, we can see that you are immersed in uncertainty regarding a situation. If this is the case, we advise you to stop, wait and look around you before moving forward. The uncertainty you feel is your inner wisdom telling you to clarify this situation and let your intuition guide you. It would be wise to carefully consider whether a different path would be more appropriate for you at this time.

You are warned (positively) that a sudden upheaval will occur in your life. Something will disappear to replace it with something better. These will be very interesting events, which will give you the opportunity to transform yourself positively...if you keep your eyes open!

If you are still in doubt, the Universe wants to remind you of the treasures that you deserve to receive and that will be offered to you. This happy surprise is simply the return, a hundredfold, of what you lovingly gave before.

We tell you to stay hopeful and inspired by life right now, because what will happen to you will encourage you even more. After all the changes you've already experienced, you'll start to feel the hope that comes with new beginnings!

Finally, emotional security will develop, which will allow you to heal and learn to love and take care of yourself. This can also be felt in your relationships with others, because they reflect the assurance that you are worthy of respect and love!

Sentimental guidance

On the heart side, we're talking to you about a current relationship that's on the rocks . An argument, an incident, may have caused havoc... Until now, all the elements were there for your relationship to work... an authentic love that has weathered the bad weather of life, a solid construction ...and yet...

We advise you to renew the dialogue before the situation deteriorates further. Frankness and respect are necessary. It's time to open up to each other , express what's wrong and do our best to understand each other's point of view.

It is possible that despite the dialogue, you have the impression that your romantic relationship will not change. At this stage, the Death card can evoke a break or a breakup. A radical change is therefore possibly possible.

If this is the case, we advise you to accept the situation and mourn it, at least for a while. Subsequently, you will discover how life is full of resources for those who know how to open their eyes wide. The end of one thing is always the beginning of another!

And as I couldn't leave you with this ending just before the holidays, I made another draw in order to have a projection on your situation after this event. Depending on each person’s free will of course! In addition, don't forget that this is general guidance, so it should be taken with a step back, like everything else!

For the rest of the events, we advise you, firstly to “forgive and learn”; that is to say, it is necessary to learn from your past relationships and detoxify yourself from all the anger, accusations and resentments that you may have retained; in order to access a healthier relational pattern. This also includes forgiving yourself.

The other cards tell you that you have already met the romantic partner who is made for you... it would very likely be the said person with whom you are currently in conflict... or a person you already know. To be seen depending on your situation.

In any case, this (re)encounter will require patience , because many factors will come into play, such as your free will , your choices and everything you cannot control . But we remind you that this relationship will be worth the wait and that divine synchronization will be at work to lead you on the path to fulfilled wishes!

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